1. In For A Fuck
2. Let It Go
3. Living In Oblivion
4. Divine Intervention
5. The Dead & Hollow
6. Sweet ’n Sour Nothings
7. Little Screw
8. Your Mind Makes A Rapture
9. Rumbling & Tumbling
10. Just Taste It
11. Kamikaze Underground

Recorded live @ aRe U Recordings, Weert
Recorded, edited, mixed & mastered by: René Ubachs
Vocals & keys recorded by: Steven van der Vegt
Additional guitars on tracks 8+9 recorded by: Steven van der Vegt
Produced by: Cherry Darling & René Ubachs
Copyright and release by Cherry Darling, 2015.


NIGHT (EP) – 2012


1. Just Taste It
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Instant Therapy
4. Let It Go

Recorded by: Cherry Darling
Produced, mixed, edited & engineered by: Steven van der Vegt
Mastered by: Darius van Helfteren @ Amsterdam Mastering
Copyright and release by Much For Your Wings Records, 2012.




1. Bring The Noise (Take Off Your Dress)
2. Red Sun And A Comet From The Sky
3. Driver
4. Desert Nights
5. The Wolf, The Pig & The Rooster
6. 4th Of May
7. Days That Won’t Last
8. Slowly
9. Out Of Line
10. Howling Moon
11. Pistolero
12. In Cold Blood

Produced by: René Ubachs & Steven van der Vegt
Recorded, edited, mixed and engineered by: René Ubachs @ Are U Recordings
Mastered by: Jacques de Haard
Copyright and release by Much For Your Wings Records, 2011.